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Knipex Promotions

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Knipex – for all your pinching needs because these are the only pliers you will ever need.

Knipex is known worldwide as a German hand tool manufacturer and is valued for its plier production especially. The pliers are known for their quality and efficiency. Knipex produces a specialised pair of pliers for every situation, and the product range consists of more than 100 types of pliers in 900+ different sizes and lengths. For more information about the variety of pliers in our online shop, visit the Knipex brand page. Every day, you can find many of these pliers in our promotions. On the promotion page(s) you can find a selection of the best offers Klium has to offer. More offers and discounts can be found on the Knipex Brand page.

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You cannot add more than 3 product(s) in the product comparator

The best offers on Knipex

Time after time, we want to offer our customers new Knipex pliers at competitive prices. Sharing the durability, efficiency, and user-friendliness of Knipex tools with high discounts is the core of all of our promotions. We succeed in bringing this safe brand into everyone working space by consistently releasing new offers to our customers. Because, well, Knipex pliers are a must for every handyman. Do not hesitate any longer and order this life-changing tool today.

Attention: The prices are adjusted daily. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.