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Facom Promotions

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Striving for excellence is Facom’s guiding principle.

Facom is an A-brand mainly known by professionals from the automotive and aviation industry. The company exclusively focuses on these two industries. Presently, Facom has grown into an authentic specialist in multitools. Explore the catalogue at Klium filled with only the best professional Facom socket sets, tool trolleys, toolsets, torque wrenches, toolboxes and many more. Let Facom's quality, warranty and prices speak for themselves. Explore our promo page and exclusive discounts for the best tools!

Every day you can find new articles from this top brand at Klium. On this page, you can find a fine selection of our top promotions. Don’t hesitate because promotions are temporary. Facom is the specialist in hand tools in Europe, so if you are looking for a Facom class tool, save this page and visit daily to avail the best offers. For more information about the Facom products and other offers and discounts, you can check the whole Facom product range.

You cannot add more than 3 product(s) in the product comparator
You cannot add more than 3 product(s) in the product comparator

Best Offers of Facom

Our promotions include an exceptional focus on quality at a competitive price. Thanks to years of expertise, knowledge of the professional field and regular surveys of skilled users, Facom develops sturdy, safe and innovative tools intended for frequent use. With our high discounts, you can soon become the owner of a new Facom tool. The great thing about the Facom tools in combination with this offer? The lifelong Facom guarantee: Facom tools are of excellent quality, and the manufacturer is so convinced of the durability of his tools that he has an impeccable warranty policy from the outset. That is to say: exchange or repair for free with no time limit whatsoever! For more information, visit the Facom warranty information page.

Especially for those who want nothing but excellence, the most popular items from Facom are at your service at great discounts! Become an owner of Facom tools for a lower price. Take your chance now!

We set out to find Facom’s best and showcased them on the following page(s) for your convenience.

Attention: The prices are adjusted daily. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.