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Physioderm products at Klium

Physioderm has always been a popular choice among our customers for skincare and protection products. At Klium, we offer you a vast product range for hand cleansing, skincare and skin protection as well as various dispensers. Physioderm’s popular hand cleansers come in tubes, softboxes, and bottles. The hand cleansers are bottled in small and large quantities (up to 10 litres per bottle). The skin creams for optimal skincare are also available in tubes, softboxes, and bottles. Physioderm skin protection protects the skin when handling non-water-soluble work materials, and thus, it is indispensable for the craftsman who often encounters such materials. The popular Physioderm shower gel not only provides optimal skincare but also protects the skin by preventing harmful substances from entering and damaging the skin. In the skin protection section, you can also find lip balms and sun creams to prevent sunburn as well as skin protection products to be used before and after work to help repair your natural skin barrier. Physioderm dispensers excel in their simplicity and functionality. They are an excellent choice when looking for good-quality dispensers for washrooms or functional dispensers that you can distribute on the working floor.

About Physioderm

Peter Greven Physioderm is the result of a merger between Peter Greven and Physioderm - two German companies that have been specialising in skincare, skin protection, cleansing and skin disinfection for over 100 years. The company combines perfect hygiene with skin protection and care. Their product range consists of high-quality, innovative products aimed at environmental friendliness, functionality, and dermatological efficacy. The company’s principles have been and always will be the same – continuous innovation, customer acceptance and loyalty as well as an uncompromising commitment to quality. These principles lead the company in its way to offer new, innovative and effective state of the art products for protection, cleansing and care of the skin to help create a safer and healthier workplace for all employees.