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PFERD: Grinding, filing and milling with top products

Pferd, the company that acquired name and fame with the design, manufacture and sale of tools for surface treatment and for sawing through materials. Initially manufacturer - but thanks to continuous innovation - evolved into one of the important players in the machine industry. The person skilled in the art recognizes strength, solidity and solidity in Pferd's product.

Quality, strength and effectiveness

Pferd stands for quality, strength and efficiency. Thanks to the extensive product range, the brand offers a solution that is up-to-date and economical for every problem. Excellent results and effectiveness are the result of the extensive experience and the contemporary way of manufacturing. By carefully monitoring the manufacturing process in the ultra-modern factories around the world via self-designed and built machines, high quality can be guaranteed that meets the demands of the user. This high quality also guarantees permanent and safe work. The best solution for all kinds of surface treatment and material cutting applications is offered by Pferd through an optimal mix of quality tools, equipment and private instructions.

Research and design

The research department of the company develops the basic components for their high-quality products. In addition to quality, labor protection, user-friendliness and safety also play a major role here.

Attention to the environment

Quality, occupational safety, physical well-being and attention to the environment are decisive when producing tools for surface treatment and cutting. The use of sound, effective and high-quality material ensures less costs, waste reduction and saving on supplies.

Health, safety and comfort

The strict working conditions and the heavy physical effort of the user have made the criteria for the professional tool stricter. Meeting these criteria is one of Pferd's missions. That is why it invests heavily in the safety, comfort and health of professionals by taking ergonomic parameters, safety, speed of use and comfort into account when developing their tools.

Extra variation

The tool range consists of thousands of products for applications ranging from rough to mirror-gloss smooth sanding and sawing through materials. Taking into account the requirements of the user, Pferd develops special tools that offer a solution to difficult applications, always in order to achieve the greatest return.

Application areas

Pferd tools are used in many sectors of the industry because of their quality, strength and efficiency. Especially in machine building, steel industry, aerospace, tool and mold making, automotive industry, etc.

The company Pferd

The Pferd headquarters are in Marienheide (Germany). In addition, it has factories in Germany, Spain, the United States and South Africa and sales and service points worldwide. In the various branches, the professional can go to extensive advice in connection with the use of tools on different materials. Pferd sees this advice as an important part of the quality policy.