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Peddinghaus hammers at Klium

Add a Peddinghaus hammer to your toolbox and hammer with quality and safety. At Klium, you will find a wide variety of tools from Peddinghaus - known for the long-standing tradition of manufacturing hammers of the next level with a keen eye for quality, durability, and innovation. Klium offers you all types of hammers: bank hammers, welding mallets, sledgehammers, pen bench hammers, rubber hammers, nylon hammers, and non-recoil hammers. In addition to this, customers can also browse through our various hammer accessories and hollow pipes and order hammers suitable for different jobs. At Klium, they can be found in many models, with adapted stems, handles and hammerheads.

About Peddinghaus

Peddinghaus is part of the French group MOB and has more than 180 years of experience in the production of hand tools. You can find all the tools you usually come across in a toolbox in their product range. The slogan of the Peddinghaus hand tool company is "fighting for quality" - a characteristic reflected in the functionality and durability of their tools. In the development phase of new tools, usability and functionality are always at the core. The focus of their innovations is concentrated on three aspects: a greater efficiency, a higher level of convenience and better protection for the user. Peddinghaus endeavours to make its hammers and other tools more efficient, safe, and user-friendly every day. It is these striving qualities that make a Peddinghaus hammer such a cherished tool in the hands of every craftsman.