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Oil Safe: A good lubrication method through the use of the right products.

When it comes to lubrication, the storage and pouring cans of Oil Safe have profiled themselves over the past decade as extremely solid and relevant. These jugs guarantee a correct transport of storage to the point that needs to be lubricated.

Innovative, usable and solid

The Oil Safe products are user-friendly, have a long lifespan and are easy to use for different applications. They make lubrication easier, faster and safer.

Save costs thanks to innovation

Companies that work a lot with oil-lubricated machines can improve their lubrication method by using Oil Safe products, avoiding high costs. The result of years of research into the influence of lubrication conditions and contamination of the lubricant in bearings has shown that the bad effect is caused by unsuitable lubrication conditions. Part of this is caused by insufficient lubrication and part by the contamination of the lubricant.

  • The inadequate lubrication may be due to the use of too little, too much or wrong lubricant, contaminated lubricant or a mixture of lubricants. This can be remedied by a better greasing method, by the use of filters and oil cans with lockable spout and colored lids.
  • The pollution is caused by bad or damaged seals or by poor transfer of the lubrication products. This can be prevented by using the standard pump or the premium pump from Oil Safe, as well as by using lids with short or long spouts. Oil Safe lids are available in different, eye-catching colors. The barrels are given a color code by means of lids and labels, which prevents misuse of lubricants.

Specialist with a clear product line

Oil Safe is a specialized company with a clearly defined product line that continues to innovate in terms of lubrication and user-friendliness. Users worldwide have confidence in the products of Oil Safe and that offer goes beyond storage and jars. Because Oil Safe is the specialist in this area, the user can use this experience and obtain expert advice from the Oil Safe experts. The customer at Oil Safe is also at the right address for extensive information material.