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NONOISE hearing protection is produced by leading Dutch audiologists and sound engineers. The earplugs consist of a patented ceramic filter technology that exceeds all known European safety standards and combines usability with superior sound quality. The precision noise filtration makes the NONOISE earplugs suitable for different surroundings such as work, home or garden jobs, music (concerts, clubs, and other events) or motorsports. The NONOISE hearing protector is equipped with a ceramic filter that attenuates the disturbing and damaging sounds in your environment while allowing you to listen with lower, desirable sounds levels.

This way, you are now able to safely enjoy a concert, and you can still hear your baby, children or the bell while working without being distracted by disturbing peripheral noises. Popular users of the NONOISE earplugs are motorists. There is nothing more lovely than riding the motorcycle for a relaxing ride. However, less pleasant is the constant wind noise and motorway noise. With the NONOISE earplugs, the disturbing sounds are filtered yet you are still able to hear the ambulance approaching you, for example, or the intercom when someone tries to reach you. This allows you to drive safely without getting tired. Characteristics of the NONOISE earplugs include:

  • The only earplugs with a ceramic filter
  • Ultimate comfort
  • For recreational and professional use
  • Long-life durability (even with daily use)
  • Irritation free Natural and clear sound reproduction
  • Hearing protection should fit your ear perfectly and feel comfortable. 

One trick to recognising good quality earplugs is you forget that you are even wearing them. The NONOISE earplugs are ergonomically designed and have an external construction made of thermoplastic that ensures a pleasant feeling and a barely noticeable, comfortable fit. With the NONOISE hearing protection, you don't have to worry about irreparable hearing damage anymore.