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Myxal is a brand of the Peter Greven Physioderm group that focuses on hand disinfection. Since germs are threatening us with ever-increasing regularity, good hygiene in the workplace is becoming frequently important. Myxal offers an answer to this threat with a quality selection of disinfecting gels. At Klium, you can find an extensive range of Myxal hand cleaning products. Myxal hand cleansers are bactericidal and yeast-killing, and they are produced in accordance with European legislation on hygienic hand washing in the workplace. The Myxal hand cleansing products are used in care institutions, homes, kitchens, and other places where germs are out of the question. Myxal disinfectants guarantee clean, germ-free hands.

About Myxal

Myxal is part of a larger company Peter Greven Physioderm. The main company focuses on hygiene and skin protection in general, while Myxal focuses on hand disinfection. The parent company is the result of a merger between Peter Greven and Physioderm - two German companies that have been specialising in skincare, skin protection, cleansing and skin disinfection for over 100 years. The company is subdivided into several brands, each with its own speciality. This division of tasks enables the company to serve its customers in the best possible way and to develop the best possible product. The product range consists of high-quality, innovative items aimed at environmental friendliness, functionality and dermatological efficacy. The company’s principles have been and always will be the same – continuous innovation, customer acceptance and loyalty as well as an uncompromising commitment to quality. These principles will lead the company in its way to offer new, innovative and effective state of the art products for protection, cleansing and care of the skin. And, the ultimate goals are creating a safer and healthier workplace for all employees.