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Motip at Klium

Motip spray cans and sprays at Klium. That is an offer of high-quality paints, brake cleaners and silicone sprays. Products that are used for applications in the automotive, industrial or do-it-yourself (decorative).

In the Klium shop, the filters on the side of the category pages help with your search for certain colors or for a specific content. The supply of Motip spray cans at Klium is large. Do you still see a certain Motip lacquer or spray that we do not have in stock? If so, please contact the Klium customer service. We then check with the supplier what the possibilities are for the delivery period. You can read additional information about the manufacturer below.

About the manufacturer

MoTip is one of the brands of the MoTip Dupli Group. This manufacturer is market leader and expert in the development, production and distribution of spray cans and paint pens. But also fillers, brush cans, flasks and triggers belong to the range. The large selection of spray cans for different applications is the great asset of MoTip: from high-quality car paint or brake cleaners for the automotive industry to silicone spray for the industrial market or the do-it-yourselfer. You'll find it all at MoTip.

The best spray for every application

In the automotive sector, MoTipDupli offers various products that offer a solution for vehicle maintenance, repair and tuning. The brand also has various maintenance and repair products for bicycles on the market. In the decoration segment there is a wide range of decorative lacquers for both interior and exterior use. A large color pallet is available for refreshing all kinds of objects. There are fluorescent paints for both decoration and functional applications. While the offer is completed with effect lacquers, heat-resistant varnishes and lacquers for retouching small damage to white objects. For industrial applications, MoTip Dupli has a wide range of sprays on the market for lubrication, protection, installation, cleaning and in particular for use in areas at risk of ignition. Means for use in the food sector are also available.

Research, development and quality

The research unit continually develops specific maintenance products that are geared to the individual market segments and this in cooperation and consultation with the professional field. MoTip stands for innovation, solidity and offers an adequate means for every problem. Due to their extensive expertise and knowledge, they are specialists in the development, manufacture and distribution of spray cans and paint products, fillers, etc. The success of MoTib is due to their modern manufacturing equipment, their excellent Research & Development department, the smooth implantation of new developed products in the production process, their smooth distribution throughout Europe and their more than excellent stock management and logistics.


Moti Dupli Group was founded in 1998 after a successful merger between Vogelsang AG (Switzerland), MoTip BV (Netherlands) and VoMo Corporation. The three production units of MoTip Dupli produce more than 80 million aerosol cans that are distributed and sold in twelve European countries via an extensive distribution network. Other brands of the MoTip Dupli Group are DUPLI-Color, presto and ColorMatic.