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Molykote markets one of the most extensive product ranges of lubricants for industrial application. The innovative and energy-saving lubricants from Molykote are recognized and trusted by international experts because the company can present 60 years of experience.

High quality qualities

The renowned Molykote research labs ensure that lubricants are manufactured according to the most modern techniques, so that the best tools for assembly, repair and mechanical maintenance are available all over the world. Compared to applications lubricated with conventional oils and greases, Molykote® high-performance lubricants reduce friction and wear, extend lubrication intervals and reduce maintenance costs and replacement parts costs. Although formulated to withstand heavy loads, dirt, dust, environment with chemicals, extreme temperatures and rotational speeds, the Molykote lubricants are also ideal for lubrication under normal conditions. Superior product technology meets international quality standards and ensures consistently high quality. The production of the lubricants complies with the ISO 9001 standard.

Versatile offer

Always and everywhere - even in the most difficult conditions and at extreme temperatures - Molykote has a lubricant available. The brand offers a choice of six types of lubricants, each with various compositions and properties that make them usable for specific applications: pastes, fats, optimal industrial oils, coatings and dispersions. For exclusive properties such as corrosion protection, pressure resistance, reliable adhesion and extreme temperature resistance, Molykote offers spray cans, liquids and powders.


Today, Molykote serves customers in the US, Germany, Japan, India and the rest of the world. The brand is proud that the lubricants are recognized worldwide as high-quality products that can offer a solution to every problem. For almost 60 years, mechanics, maintenance personnel and technicians from all over the world have been counting on the products and experience of Molykote. Assisted sales assistants assist customers in more than 3,000 sales offices in choosing the appropriate lubricant for specific maintenance. The Molykote products are available worldwide through points of sale and dealers. The short delivery times of the products make them a quality supplier. The technical team of experts, distributors and consultants provides its customers with adequate solutions for their lubrication problems. Training sessions and training sessions are organized to teach the technical staff of customers and distributors the latest lubrication techniques.

The firm

Molykote lubricants were first sold in 1948 as 'the purest molybdenum disulfide', a fine powdery dry lubricant based on a smooth metal ore that was discovered in the 18th century. In 1960, the production of lubricants was taken over by Dow Corning, which gave the brand international recognition and added lubricants based on silicones to the product range. Dow Corning (Michigan, USA) is an international leader in silicone, silicon-based technology and innovation. It distributes more than 7000 products and services that promote the safe handling of chemicals.