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The French company Molinel designs and produces professional clothing and technical equipment that provides protection even in the most extreme situations and with intense use. Molinel wants to offer every professional, in whichever profession, the most appropriate solution. The brand is the reference for professional workwear and equipment. The garments are made to last, with constant attention to ergonomics, safety and wearing comfort.

Research & development

Molinel wants to continuously focus its offer on the work field. That is why the research and development of every equipment links back to the professionals. The technologically advanced equipment is designed, developed and tested by experienced and professional technicians to ensure that it can withstand intensive use in the worst conditions. Their experience and development methods ensure that Molinel can offer an unparalleled range of professional clothing that meets the requirements in terms of protection, design, resistance and ergonomics. The clothing is designed to offer maximum protection and meets the strictest European standards. The design is contemporary, innovative and unique. The materials and parts used are chosen in such a way that a superior resistance quality is guaranteed. The perfect ergonomics of the clothing is adapted to the specific requirements of the craft and the working environment.

Versatile offer

Molinel's spacious and versatile range goes from very general to very specific clothing and meets the requirements of various large areas of application. Each clothing line was studied on the basis of a requirements portfolio that was drawn up after frequent feedback to the target group. This resulted in three ranges in which every professional can find the equipment that meets his requirements: Expert, Maxter and General. Expert was developed for the universal craftsman: from metric, to mechanic and is characterized by functionality, resistance and design. Maxter offers applications for construction, public works, horticulture, technology and factories, both indoors and outdoors. This is clothing for intensive use with a pronounced design and made of material with a high resistance. The General range includes polyvalent clothing that has proven its efficiency under all conditions.


Molinel can personalize personal clothing by applying badges, embroidery, colors etc. Molinel provides advice, assistance and expertise to companies worldwide about the approach of employees' clothing with regard to identity, profession-specific parameters, visibility and safety. Due to Molinel's extensive network of suppliers and logistical support centers, the time frame between order and delivery is reduced to a minimum.


Since 1845, the French company Molinel has stood for technical perfection, protection according to European standards, ergonomic design and lasting innovation. Molinel was the first to offer professional clothing adapted to the professional branch because it had recognized that every job has its specific needs and work habits. Since 2000, Molinel has therefore acted as 'the expert' in order to offer effective protection in the execution of every specific profession.