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Moldex protection

Moldex produces personal protective equipment. The main objectives of the Moldex products for the protection of breathing and hearing are safety, quality, usability, durability and design.

Sustainability and innovation

Moldex feels responsible for society as a whole. That is why sustainability is extremely important for Moldex: the products and production processes are continuously adapted to bring the most sustainable products to the market. Moldex continues to innovate by implementing new ideas for increasing safety, comfort and service.

Sustainable aspects are always carefully considered when developing new products or production lines. This is possible due to a far-reaching specialization in the manufacturing process. More than 90% of all components of a product are produced by Moldex itself. Moldex tries to recycle as many residual materials as possible and bring it back into the manufacturing process. The packaging of all Moldex products can be recycled.

Moldex never works with substances that are dangerous or can damage health. Since 2008 all Moldex products have been free of PVC. All Moldex buildings will also be adapted to the current energy directive. For example, the photovoltaic system at the logistics headquarters saves Moldex about 59 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Moldex produces as much as possible in and for Europe. The transport routes of the components and components for the production are kept to a minimum.

Dust masks and ear protection

Moldex is one of the leading manufacturers of breathing and hearing protection. For more than 30 years, continuous innovation has been one of Moldex's main assets. Moldex was founded in California in 1980 by entrepreneur Mark Magidson. He wanted to market a new type of disposable dust mask in America. The disposable dust mask was a great success. Moldex Germany was also opened five years later. The branch in Germany had to develop and produce products for the European market that could meet the strict European rules and standards. Today, Moldex has grown into a global company in 24 countries with 750 employees. Together with Martin Skov, Moldex-Metric AG & Co. KG in Walddorfhäslach near Stuttgart, Germany, put on legs.

Especially for the German coal industry Moldex produced the first exhalation valve for FFP masks. The aim was to give the wearer of the masks a comfortable feeling in extreme climatic conditions in the underground mines. The result was a climate valve with a very low breathing resistance. The FFP masks were positively received in the mines and later in other sectors due to their strong and durable composition.

In the 1990s Moldex started with the production and sale of foam plugs and respiratory protection against gases and vapors: in 2010 Moldex launched a full-face mask on the market. Moldex is a specialized company with a clearly defined product line that continues to innovate in the field of safety products and user-friendliness.