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Mitutoyo is the largest and most versatile provider of measuring instruments worldwide. Standards, calibrating equipment, small measuring tools, shape, roughness and profile measuring instruments, image processing systems and 2D or 3D measuring machines. Mitutoyo, expert in precision measuring equipment, responds to the needs of the industrial sector that is being perfected more and more.

An extensive range of high quality

Virtually all recent manufacturing processes now require reliable measuring and testing equipment. The impressive range of materials and total solutions that Mitutoyo offers is extensive and polyvalent. This range is completed with a wide range of accessories, accessories and excellent software. The production of measuring instruments exceeds the 5 million units per year. The material is designed and manufactured at the highest possible technological level. The results are excellent not only in the field of measurement technology, but also in the economic field these products score very well due to the optimal price / quality ratio.


The research within Mitutoyo is done in Japan, Europe and the US. For Europe this is in the Mitutoyo Research Center Europe BV (RCE), which specializes in dimensional metrology, in which the possibilities for nanometrology and nanotechnology are investigated. In the RCE suitable calibration for CMMs and other Mitutoyo instruments and standards are developed and implemented in the Mitutoyo factories. The design and improvement of the various equipment is done in consultation with employees inside and outside Mitutoyo. Examples of products developed by RCE are software correction systems for CMMs, calibration and control systems for CMMs and the most accurate step-by-step setup of which 5 have already been installed in the world.

Customer-oriented and excellent service

Mitutoyo is the market leader in the sector of precision measuring instruments due to the high quality of the products but also due to the valued advice in the choice of the right measuring tools and the measuring methods to be used, the punctual delivery of the products and the organization of demonstrations, training courses and workshops. . Employees with a large expertise in measuring equipment and measurement solutions help the clients to solve their problems.

Impressive growth

The story of Mitutoyo began in Japan in 1934 with the development and production of a mechanical external micrometer. Today Mitutoyo has distributed departments and sales representatives for the sales, service, development and manufacturing of its measuring equipment in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Japan alone there are 12 specialized Mitutoyo factories. Mitutoyo has become a reliable and favorite brand. Not only in Japan, but all over the world. Also in Belgium where the sales and service center is located in Kruibeke.