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Microgard protective clothing at Klium

Solid protective clothing is always a must in a working environment, but especially when working with chemical products. In the Klium webshop, you can find a wide range of protective clothing from Microgard, a leading manufacturer of chemical protective clothing. We offer different models of lab coats and overshoes in various sizes. Microgard’s protective clothing provides workers with protection in dirty, hazardous environments. The protective clothing in our assortment will shield you against liquid and solid chemicals, asbestos, paint, oil, grease, and other filthy substances found in your working environment. Microgard disposable overalls and overshoes are usually in stock. If ordered before 8 pm, Klium guarantees a next day delivery on Microgard stock!

About Microgard

Ansel Microgard Limited has focused on the development of chemical protective clothing since its founding. The company developed one of the first disposable overalls in the chemical sector and has not stopped innovating ever since. Microgard’s protective clothing is now worn worldwide in the chemical, industrial and public sectors to shield against environmental hazards. The company always focuses on new designs and technologies that provide optimal protection and increased comfort. You can always rely on Ansel Microgard Limited in an industrial environment full of many high-risk hazards and dirty surroundings and polluted environments. Microgard’s protection offers comfort and confidence with their product range of chemical protection solutions.