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MAPA gloves

MaPa is a major manufacturer for hand protection. The MaPa-Professionel gloves offer protection in various (industrial) circumstances. As an innovator with unparalleled technical know-how, MaPa can offer the right glove with the right properties for every job thanks to its expertise and the needs of the work field. The range is extensive and includes: disposable gloves, liquid-resistant gloves, chemical resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves and work gloves (both for precision and heavy duty work), thermal resistant gloves to work long in a cold or warm environment or cold or hot get hold of objects. MaPa also supplies gloves that protect the user or the product against radiation and chemical or mechanical risks. The chemical resistant gloves can be used anywhere in the chemical industry where the worker comes into contact with oily and greasy substances.

Excellent properties aimed at the industrial target groups

The MaPa gloves have an excellent yield, are supple, pleasant to wear and firm. They are also made of materials such as vinyl, natural latex, nitrile, exclusive polymer compositions and High Density Polyethylene fibers (HDPE). HDPE fibers improve wearability and finger sensitivity without lowering the level of protection. Other technical fibers such as para-aramid fibers also contribute to higher cut protection. The choice of protective glove depends on the nature of the industry sector and on the type of work in that sector. For example, hygiene must be taken into account in the food sector and the gloves must comply with the strictest rules because they come into contact with the food. In the construction industry, the gloves must offer sufficient protection to users, painters, carpenters, plumbers, metalworkers, roofers and tilers. In public services they have to offer protection in tasks such as cleaning up, catering, technical maintenance, road building, firefighting activities, health care and everything that has to do with railways.

Comprehensive quality control

MaPa provides superior quality gloves by subjecting the entire production process to extensive quality control. The gloves are manufactured with innovative and high-tech processes in which MaPa uses its expertise in the manufacture of safety gloves. The purity of the protective gloves is guaranteed by carrying out the purification process in its own cleaning rooms after cleaning. MaPa ensures that it meets the requirements for a hazardous environment by periodically checking its purity. This keeps the level of product and packaging quality. Checking the chemical resistance of the protective gloves meets the ASTM standard. All production units have the ISO 9001 certificate.

Customer friendly

MaPa gloves are sold through a worldwide network of approved distributors. This network plays an important role because MaPa communicates with the market through the distributors in order to better understand the needs of its customers. This allows it to develop and manufacture products that respond to the needs of the field. On-site research is recommended in order to determine which protection suits the workplace best. To find the most suitable gloves, a software tool is offered that takes into account the performance and degree of comfort of the gloves.


The Pioneer Rubber Company started in 1918 with the production of gloves as protection against liquids and chemicals. In 1948 Robert Marret and Jean Paturel made latex gloves in France under the name MaPa, a combination of the first letters of their surnames. In 1963, MaPa will work with Baltex to develop gloves for professional use in industry. The purchase of the Pioneer Rubber Company in 1988 completes the business. Since 2010 MaPa belongs to Jarden, world leader in many niche products. MaPa-Professionnel makes more than one million safety gloves in all shapes and sizes every day. These are offered in 5 continents.