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Maglite has been the producer of high quality bar lamps for the professional user for years. The company is known for its superior-quality applications due to the use of fine techniques backed by craftsmanship and perfectionism. Maglite flashlights are manufactured from solid aircraft aluminum and are weather and shock resistant. The rod lanterns from Maglite use a strong light source such as LED technology, halogen or Krypton which gives them a large light output with a light beam that reaches very far. Every Maglite torch or MagCharger is the result of years of research and development. Maglite products deliver the best performance that is currently technologically feasible. In short, they are the most solid flashlights in the world.

Exceptional properties

The rod lights from Maglite are known worldwide for their reliability, long life, physical strength, their phenomenal light output, their high brightness, the long range of the light beam, their user-friendliness and their firm grip. The light beam can be easily controlled from spot-to-spotlight mode and always with an enormous light output. Maglite flashlights are distinguished by the efficient use of energy by the light source, which means the batteries last longer. Taking into account the intended application, they are compact, light and robust. Moreover, all Maglite rod lamps are splash-proof and the switches are equipped with a self-cleaning technique. They stand out because of their functional design. To power the powerful light source, the company uses classic non-rechargeable batteries or the sophisticated Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight System (MagCharger) based on NiMH technology. The standard Maglite torches or bar lanterns are always supplied with a spare light in the battery housing.

Extensive range of excellent quality

Quality comes first at Maglite and that is why the brand has been market leader in the segment of flashlights for years. The range consists of rod and flashlights of all sizes and for various purposes. The quality of the constantly innovative range is the result of a combination of years of research and the application of state-of-the-art precision technology. These flashlights are manufactured according to the most modern techniques and with the best raw materials. Every Maglite product carries the quality label and is known for its cleverness and efficiency. Maglite is the most suitable bar lamp for professionals in the world, such as military personnel, fire brigade, police officers, security personnel, medical staff or caregivers. A Maglite is a tool that every user can trust, as it were, the Rolls Royce of the flashlights.


In 1955, Maglite or Mag Instrument Inc was established in Ontario, Califonia USA. From a workshop started by one person, it quickly grew to a factory with 800 employees.