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LED LENSER develops and produces advanced flashlights and headlamps with a high light output and ingenious operation. The flashlights are unique in their kind because they control the light beam with a lens and not with a reflector. This allows it to be adjusted to personal taste, without annoying circles and blind spots. The image becomes calmer and the view is much better.

Extensive range, design and advanced technology

In the range of LED LENSER you will find flashlights and headlamps for different purposes, making it easy to find a suitable LED lamp. Worldwide LED LENSER flashlights are used in the army, by the police and by emergency services. Security personnel, hunters, fishermen, athletes and divers also use it. The headlights of LED LENSER are light, handy and compact and provide a hands-free illumination that is available in all sizes. The LED LENSER products stand out for their beautiful design and are equipped with advanced technology. This results in a high-quality lamp whose light beam can be adjusted easily. The LED lamps from LED LENSER are designed according to the latest technology, have an integrated cooling, are easy to operate and have an ergonomic design. LED LENSER makes these quality products in its own hypermodern production centers. The company uses standard non-rechargeable batteries and intelligent rechargeable batteries to supply its products with various recharge options. For a smooth and efficient use, various accessories complete this extensive range.

Strong qualitative properties

By using the Advanced Focus System (AFS), the light beam of LED LENSER lamps is brighter and more efficient than that of lamps from other brands. AFS, an ingenious optical system that uses a lens instead of a reflector, was developed in its own research center, is patented worldwide and is exclusively used by LED LENSER. The torches and headlights of LED LENSER are particularly powerful but do not work on expensive rare batteries. With long-term use of intense light, the LED chip can not be overloaded, thanks to the application of a progressive scheme design and integrated cooling. The materials used are efficient, of excellent quality and adapted to the type of application. Anodized aluminum is used for the housing of worklights, while for the housing of lamps that are exposed to very high temperatures, polycarbonate is used. The super conductive gold is then used effectively in contacts. Repair or replacement of defective parts of a LED LENSER flashlight is easier, faster and more environmentally friendly due to its modular construction. All torches are equipped with Rapid Focus, an ingenious system in which the light beam can easily and quickly switch from the read-to-seek option with a slider that you operate with one hand. FLOATING CHARGE SYSTEM (FCS) is a charging system that can be attached to the wall and connected to the mains or connected via a USB connection to a laptop or to a USB port. This FCS system increases the user-friendliness of LED LENSER flashlights. LED LENSER lamps can use non-rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. By using lithium batteries, the flashlight becomes lighter and the life of the battery becomes longer, especially in cold conditions.


In 1994, the first LED flashlights were manufactured by Harald and Rainer Opolka in a German garage. This meant the creation of the company LED LENSER whose flashlight of the V8 type became a classic in terms of design and became a worldwide sales hit. The two-man company grew into a company with more than 1000 employees that produces in three production centers. The headquarters of LED LENSER is located in Solingen (Germany). The company mission has been the emission, bundling and supply of light for years. Many LED LENSER products were nominated with an Award.