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Lamello: Connecting with Distinction

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Ever since the foundation of Lamello, the focus has been on connecting. But not just any connection — it's about connecting with distinction. That has always been Lamello's ethos which harks back to the innovative joinery system with the profile groove and to the employees who lend the company its reputation as a high-quality firm producing top-tier products.

Starting as a carpentry workshop in 1944, this Swiss company has, in its nearly 80-year history, evolved into a pioneer and global leader in wood joinery technology. At Klium, we offer a vast range of Lamello tools for professionals who demand the utmost quality in their joinery.

Reliable and accurate joinery technology

When it comes to wood joinery, Lamello tops the list of specialists. Not only do Lamello's biscuit joiner and other joinery tools provide a firm hold, but are also incredibly simple to work with. Lamello machines are crafted considering the professional's needs, aiming to simplify the task.

Lamello has always been an exceptionally innovative firm in its field. The tools and joinery technologies developed by Lamello are the outcome of close consultations with professionals in the industry. This ensures that every Lamello tool not only meets the current demands of craftsmen but also anticipates future requirements.

Durable and sturdy

Each piece of Lamello tooling undergoes rigorous testing under the most challenging conditions, ensuring it meets high standards of durability and reliability. Whether you're working on a large construction project or designing intricate furniture, you can rely on the longevity and performance of Lamello's range.

While Lamello is predominantly renowned for its joinery technology, the company also offers an array of other professional tools designed with the same care and attention to detail.

Your partner in craftsmanship

Thanks to a close collaboration with Lamello, Klium can offer you the latest products, innovations, and technologies. In our range, you will always find the newest and the best that Lamello has to offer.