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Eco filter system
Push handle
Automatic shutdown when the maximum level is reached
Automatic shutdown and FI safety switch
Antistatic system connection electrically conducting hose
Drain hose (oil resistant)
Drain hose
Number of turbines
Number of power groups
Connection piece for power tools
Protection class
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Current type
Standard nominal diameter
Max. Power
Material reservoir
Air displacement
Noise level
Swivel castor with brake
Suction hose
Squeegee for wet / dry floors
Suction tube - metal 3 x 0 -33 m
Suction tube - metal - 2 - 0 -5 m
Suction tube
Washable membrane / dust filter
Heat-resistant plastic container
Dirt reservoir
Fully removable dirt water pump
Flat filter
Cable length
Vacuum (operation on mains / battery voltage)
Disconnection machine compressed air electric tools
Set of safety filters
Stainless steel reservoir
Production line
Private user
Skirting nozzle
Pattern filter
Pattern filter
Maintenance-free suction turbine
Plastic bend and module
Tiltable undercarriage
Includes special fire blanket set
On / off switch for power tools
Bulky waste filter for wet vacuuming
Weight (with accessories)
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Integrated storage place for power cord
GEKA-C coupling
Frequency UNIT
Filter bags
Filter cleaning
Extra long skirting nozzle (350 mm)
Extra push handle
Ergonomic handle
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