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Kärcher, global leader in cleaning

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Kärcher is a German family business founded on 2 January 1935 by Alfred Kärcher in Stuttgart. The company initially specialised in the design of industrial heating elements. Until 1950, this was Kärcher's core business. The first pressure cleaner was developed in 1950. After this invention, the company shifted its strategy and focused on cleaning equipment.

Due to innovative product development and the high quality of the machines, the company has grown into a global leader in the field of cleaning equipment. Over 10,000 people work for Kärcher across 100 subsidiaries in over 160 countries.

Active in the consumer and professional markets

Under the Kärcher Home & Garden brand, Kärcher offers a wide range of cleaning equipment — from pressure cleaners to vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners — for domestic use. The pressure cleaners are mainly used for cleaning patio tiles in and around the home.

Kärcher Professional is the brand name for industrial equipment — pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, sweepers and scrubbers — that can be used in various industrial sectors. They guarantee efficient cleaning that is also good for the environment.

Broad range

Kärcher's range is as extensive as it is versatile. The cleaners from the K series (particularly the K7 and K4) are well-known to users worldwide. Kärcher continually updates and adjusts its range to meet market needs.

Quality and environment

Products from the Kärcher range stand out for their low energy consumption, excellent performance, and high efficiency. They work with fewer cleaning agents than other cleaning machines. On average, Kärcher machines have 20% fewer components than comparable devices from other brands. This contributes to their long and trouble-free lifespan.

Kärcher cleaning agents are over 90% biodegradable and free from solvents and additives, making them environmentally friendly. Their superior cleaning capacity using the same amount of water is characteristic of the brand. Thanks to their robust pump technology, efficient motor cooling, ceramic pistons, and other innovative features — these pressure cleaners are top-of-the-line machines. Kärcher's hybrid technology allows the electric machines to be independent of mains power and increases the user's freedom of movement.

Research and development

Kärcher's research and development department employs hundreds of specialists focused on innovating processes and methods to optimise the efficiency of the products and reduce their environmental impact. Through collaborations with universities and participation in research projects, they have laid the foundation for improving cleaning equipment's environmental impact.