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Kärcher is the absolute market leader in cleaning systems and products for professional use in factories / companies and for private use. Kärcher relies on the technical progress to update its range and to adapt it to the needs of the user. The range is very spacious and polyvalent:

Kärcher Home & Garden , a wide range of efficient cleaning equipment - from high pressure cleaners to steam cleaners - for private use in and around the house.

Kärcher Professional, industrial equipment - high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners or cleaning machines that can be used for various industrial sectors - guaranteeing an economical cleaning that is also good for the environment.

Innovation, quality and capacity

The products from the Kärcher range stand out because of their low energy consumption, excellent efficiency, high efficiency and consumption of fewer cleaning agents. Kärcher's devices have on average 20% fewer parts than comparable devices from other brands. Kärcher cleaning agents are more than 90% biodegradable, free of solvents and supplements, in short, environmentally friendly. The pressure washers are extremely powerful and last a long time. Their better cleaning capacity with the same amount of water is typical. Thanks to the proper pumping technology, efficient cooling of the engine, ceramic pistons and even more innovative features, these high pressure cleaners are excellent in their kind. Kärcher's hybrid technology makes their electrical machines independent of the mains voltage and increases the freedom of movement of the user / customer.

Research & development

Hundreds of employees work in the research and development department to adjust and renew operating processes and resources to optimize the efficiency of the products and to reduce the environmental impact. The most advanced techniques (in terms of development, design and research) are used to develop and manufacture products, tools and resources that score even better in terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness and sustainability. The requirements of the professional field play an important role here. Kärcher's central research and innovation cell is constantly working on the improvement of existing and the development of new cleaning techniques. Through cooperation with universities and participation in various research projects, the foundation is laid for a continuous improvement of the environmental influences of Kärcher's products. Kärcher is working hard to achieve improved cleaning capacities and shorter processing times and to find even more environmentally friendly concepts.

Extensive service network

The family business Kärcher, headquartered in Winnenden near Stuttgart, sells its products in 160 countries. It can fall back on an extensive service network of dealers so that a defect of a device is quickly remedied. An extensive diagnostic system for maintenance and repairs ensures that only those parts are replaced, which are also effectively defective. Kärcher has been recognized for years as a company that nominates environment and innovation as the main targets. Their presence in these areas is constantly being given public recognition by nominations, prizes and awards, as well as by obtaining certificates in which the most stringent standards have to be met.