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Jori Safety Shoes at Klium

When working all day on your feet in a high-risk work environment it is important to wear the correct footwear. Two things matter most: comfort and safety. When standing on your feet the biggest part of the day, you cannot compromise in terms of comfort. Your shoes must be the perfect fit. On the other hand you cannot compromise in terms of safety either. The Jori safety shoes are your perfect solution. Jori offers your feet professional protection and comfort in a tailor-made pair of shoes. At Klium you will find a wide range of work shoes by Jori: low, semi-high and high models of work shoes as well as safety sandals. The Jori safety shoes comply with the highest safety regulations. Always take a good look at the safety standards of your work environment and choose the appropriate Jori work shoes which match the needed safety requirements. The leather lining of the Jori work shoes and boots provide extra comfort and the adapted soles provide extra stability.

About Jori

Master shoemaker Jozef Ridderman founded his factory Jo-Ri for work shoes and safety boots in 1861. By providing safety shoes renowned for its reliability and safety, Jori quickly made a name for himself among local craftsmen and industrial workers. His reputation quickly spread From the Ruhr area and Jori safety shoes conquered the world. Over 150 years later Jori is an established name when it comes to work shoes and safety shoes for professional applications. What makes Jori’s work shoes and safety shoes so praised by craftsmen is the constant innovation in the shoe sole technology. Jori develops shoe soles that ensure stability in the riskiest environments.