Hygiene - environment

Hygiene: also important at work

Hygiene at work is important. You have different legal provisions. But it is also nice for colleagues and clients if an employee takes good care of himself and if the sanitary facilities are in order and clean. Working hygienically can be of vital importance, for example for work in the kitchen or in the healthcare sector.


Klium supplies articles for all your sanitary rooms. Tork is the premium brand for hygiene and personal care. Tork has products for toilet facilities, dispensers, work towels, paper rolls and much more. The range also includes towels, towel dispenser, functional towels, wipers etc. For the catering industry there is a special range of toilet paper, napkins and foaming soaps.


Skin care: More than a soap!

For Stoko products you choose if you want the best hygiene, but also a good and responsible care of your skin. For example when you come into contact with varying (strong or toxic) substances, or where the need for unscented products exists. This will prevent (skin) diseases and problems. Skin cleaning, skin protection and skin care is very important on a work floor. That is why we follow the Stoko range at Klium. In the Hygiene & Environment category you will find:

  • Hand and skin care
  • Napkins
  • Towels
  • Polishing rolls
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap and hand disinfection
  • Toilet equipment and dispensers
  • Air fresheners