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Honeywell Safety Products is known worldwide for its quality products that guarantee the safety of users in all kinds of industries. The products are made according to an advanced technology and with the necessary attention for comfort and ergonomics. The range is so extensive that the user is protected from head to toe.

Quality at a fair price

Honeywell stands for quality and customer orientation. The constant pursuit of perfection and innovation is typical. Honeywell is actively engaged in the development of systems, products and services for automation and security solutions in industry, homes and buildings. In addition to products for measurement and control technology, it also develops products for aviation, the automotive industry, energy generation systems and high-quality special materials. Worldwide Honeywell is working on the biggest challenges of our time: more efficient use of energy, environmentally friendly energy extraction and safety. Addressing threats that can occur in companies, buildings and in the home requires new insights, innovative technologies and a fresh approach. These are constantly being examined in the different research centers of Honeywell, which specialize in a specific domain but complement each other.

Honeywell is a leader in the development of progressive materials, in the development of innovative process techniques and automation. This allows it to continue to manufacture superior products at a low cost price and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Strict quality control

Honeywell wants to deliver quickly and cheaply without compromising on quality. It wants to offer products that meet the demands of the consumer. That is why Honeywell ensures that the products are manufactured to the strictest standards. During the production process, there is strict quality control from start to finish. This quality control includes both the in- and outflow of goods and products.

World player

Honeywell Safety Products is part of the American Honeywell group that specializes in technology to tackle current global challenges such as safety, protection and energy. Honeywell employs more than 19,000 engineers and scientists who continuously evaluate and improve the quality, delivery, added value and technology of every Honeywell product. Honeywell can be found in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China and India, Asia and Oceania.