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Haubold: Specalist in fastening techniques

Haubold supplies a wide range of staple and nail guns and accessories. For example, Haubold manufactures nailers, strip nail tackers, staple tackers, wave staplers, coil nailers, drum tackers, asphalt tackers, zinc nail tackers and brad tackers, as well as nails and nails. Due to the unique characteristics of the fastening devices Haubold leaves its competitors far behind. In addition to the lighter machines, Haubold also developed machines for the heavier work in the construction and furniture industry.

Quality tools

Haubold has solutions in store with which the user can carry out his work perfectly. To customers this means that Haubold can support them in a focused way with tools that deliver high performance and with working methods that give the best results. Working with Haubold tools means working with the most modern equipment that has been developed according to the latest techniques. With its experience, Haubold is able to always deliver the best product on the market. For that, only one concept applies to Haubold: quality.

Tools in different versions

The Haubold fastening tool is available in various versions. As impulse tools or as air pressure nail and staple guns. For example, Haubold appliances are useful in roofing with copper and other non-ferrous materials, zinc work, fixing slate, eternit roofing sheets, insulating material, corrugated cardboard on wood and zinc finish. These devices also find a special application in the automotive industry, coach construction, aircraft construction, container construction, garage door assembly, solar panel assembly and module construction.