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James Harvest Sportswear at Klium

The James Harvest Sportswear Collection has been developed with a fine eye for detail and is designed with materials of the highest quality. The clothing is fashionable, functional and is extremely comfortable. The stylish designs contribute to a positive image regardless when using the James Harvest Sportswear for personal use or for company purposes. This quality garment will not only withstand the test of time but will also reflect the quality and the values of the company. The complete James Harvest collection is extremely suitable for screen printing or embroidery.

About James Harvest Sportswear

The James Harvest brand focuses on the segment of high-quality, stylish and contemporary corporate clothing with a sublime touch for functionality. James Harvest Sportswear is based on the style associated with the American high school and college culture. All designs are preceded by a development phase in which the best materials are chosen, and the latest fashion trends are thoroughly researched so that all clothing meets all the requirements of safety, durability, and follow the latest fashion trends. The James Harvest brand was created in 1988 in Tennessee. The brand borrows its name from the famous baseball legend and triple MVP James Harvest. James Harvest was a dedicated professional athlete who lived 100% for his sport just as the James Harvest brand dedicates itself 100% to the production of high quality, functional and stylish clothing.