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Guide work gloves

Guide offers you the ultimate protection for your hands while also improving your performance. Your hands are your most important tools in daily life and are constantly exposed to different types of risks. That is why Guide covers all hand protection needs that you can think of. Choosing the right glove to work with is more important than you can imagine. The right glove increases your comfort, protection and ensures better results. It is important that you wear the right glove for an optimal hand protection. Even for a simple task like shoveling snow a water resistant glove with a reinforced palm will make the job more comfortable. At Klium you can find a wide range of Guide working gloves suitable for any working environment. Klium offers work gloves that offer protection against chemical products, heat, needles, electric shocks, and many other risks. All types of gloves for a wide range of industries.

About Guide

The Swedish Guide has been producing work gloves that protect the working hands for over 30 years. Their aim is to make people safer and healthier at work. They do this by manufacturing the most convenient, the most efficient, most sustainable, and most innovative work gloves on the market. By using the latest technologies available Guide ensures that the work gloves always meet the latest requirements of safety, durability, and sustainability.