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Griffon is an expert in high-quality PVC adhesives, maintenance and soldering products and lubricants for both professional use and do-it-yourselfers. In various sectors, the excellent range of Griffon offers the best solution worldwide. The quality of Griffon is based on continuous innovation and years of expertise. Griffon is an expert in joining technology for plastic and metal pipes, for maintenance products, metalworking, lubricants and mounting adhesives. In the wood construction segment, contact adhesives, cleaners, thinners and Griffon wood adhesives offer an excellent solution.

Excellent products for varied applications

For the installation of PVC pipes and PVC sleeves in pressure and drainage installations, the known PVC adhesive T-88 from Griffon is used because of its qualitative properties. S-39, a universal, acid-free and soft solder for metals and the penetrating oil IMAL for fast and easy stainless steel are also successful products from Griffon. The lubricant Bleu Gel is very popular for fitting pipes and sleeves.

Various application domains

In the case of sanitary installations and various construction techniques, the assembly adhesives and sealing products from Griffon are often used. In interior construction and joinery, most jobs are best tackled with the extensive and complete range of wood construction adhesives. Griffon adhesives, lubricants and cleaning agents are unrivaled for the realization of plastic joints, while the threaded seal offers the best solution for the metal connections. In case of sealing problems, the professional and the do-it-yourselfer with the sealants, fillers and tapes from Griffon get the optimum result.

Quality and excellent service

Griffon products meet the highest requirements because they carry a quality mark that is determined by independent competent authorities such as Belgaqua, ATG, ETA, FDA, CORZAN, Flowguard, CE and F120. The products from the Griffon range comply with European standards whereby the product and process quality are inspected by reputable, independent inspection agencies from the Netherlands and abroad. In the development of its product line, innovation and product improvement are paramount at Griffon. The quality of the products and the requirements from the professional field take priority from the product development phase to the production and delivery of finished products whose quality exceeds expectations. In addition to an extensive range of high-quality products, Griffon offers its customers an excellent service in the form of useful advice and extensive user services.


Griffon is a brand of Bison International (Bolton Adhesives) that is part of the Bolton Group, an international company in full growth with a wide range of branded products. The company supplies high-quality products for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional. The head office is located in Goes (NL) together with the production center and the Research & Development laboratories. The company has sales centers in Belgium, Spain, Italy and France. It sells its products in 65 countries worldwide.