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Hand tools, special tools and tools for workshop equipment from Gedore at Klium

Gedore is an A-grade German brand that has it all - from practical and functional workshop furniture that can take a beating to Gedore toolboxes, open-end wrenches, caps or bits. You can buy find high-quality tools from Gedore such as files, measuring equipment, bicycle tools and industrial cutting tools at the best price at Klium. The extensive range from the Gedore catalogue is divided into three main groups: Workplace layout, Hand tools & Special tools

More about Gedore

Since 1919, Gedore has been making sure to produce premium quality and technically perfect tools that are also durable and safe. The brand supplies an extensive range of 18,000 quality tools which are used daily by construction, industrial, automotive, aviation and renewable energy professionals. Due to the size of the product portfolio, Gedore can also supply the best tools for almost all applications. Gedore sets high standards when it comes to choosing its dealers. The effortless relationship that Klium has with Gedore guarantees fast delivery and adequate service for any questions, problems or repairs.

Quality assurance and Gedore guarantee

Gedore carries the “made in Germany” quality label, which is synonymous with excellent materials, perfect ergonomic design and innovative solutions. Material research guarantees the use of the most sturdy and robust raw materials in the manufacturing of Gedore power tools. A thorough analysis of the work enables Gedore to develop safe and user-friendly tools that also score in terms of ergonomics. The production process also meets the strictest standards. Gedore offers customers a reliable top product through careful and continuous quality control of the production process. Almost 100% of the tools still come from their own house - "Made by Gedore". Due to all these efforts, Gedore gives its customers a lifetime warranty on a large part of the products in the range; provided the tool is used correctly.

Research and development at Gedore

Gedore invests heaps of time, money and dedication in the research and further development of their extensive range of tools every year. The research centres are staffed by competent technicians who, through their years of experience and market knowledge, know which direction to steer research and development in to meet the needs in the field. By regularly surveying the clientele, Gedore can identify frequently occurring and recent requirements and questions per sector. In this way, the company always has the knowledge to provide an answer to rapidly developing technical problems in the market.

Gedore's outstanding service

Gedore is one of the largest professional tool manufacturers and is present in more than 70 countries which makes worldwide service possible. Gedore has about 3000 employees and six hundred of them work at Gedore's headquarters in Remscheid, Germany. The extensive network of representatives, dealers and storage areas enables the company to process orders, deliveries or repairs quickly. Along with providing professional workshop tools, special hand tools and tool sets, Gedore's service always offers customers efficient solutions in case of any difficulties.