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GARDENA: The preferred brand of garden lovers worldwide.

GARDENA is the preferred brand in the field of garden care for millions of garden enthusiasts worldwide. That is undoubtedly because GARDENA offers a complete range of supplies. Whether it concerns watering systems, pumps, garden ponds, lawn care, care of trees and shrubs, garden tools or soil tillage. GARDENA has it in-house!

Genius combi system

Garden lovers have made their choice: they rely on the GARDENA combi system. It is the most sold tool system. And that is not for nothing. For every application - soil and lawn maintenance, working at height or snow clearing in winter - there is always the right handle / tool combination.

Innovation and good marketing

The secret of GARDENA's success lies in the particularly innovative strength of the brand and in its consistent sales and marketing policy. GARDENA provides innovative concepts every year with technical progress, based on recent developments.

Intelligent products and systems

GARDENA has grown into a globally renowned manufacturer of intelligent products and systems for garden care. The big breakthrough came when the Original GARDENA System was launched in 1968. The concept of offering system solutions continued in the following decades in the GARDENA combisystem (1977) and the GARDENA battery system V12, GARDENA Sprinklersystem and GARDENA Micro-Drip-System (all in 1990).

Strong together

In 2007 GARDENA was acquired by the Swedish company Husqvarna. Engineers from both companies combine their knowledge and always search for new products that can conquer the market.

  • This is how GARDENA launched the R40Li robotic lawnmower! This robotic lawnmower has everything a garden lover needs: completely independent mowing, with a Lithium-Ion battery and very easy to install and adjust.
  • GARDENA is known for its smart and innovative garden solutions. That is why GARDENA has extended its garden tools with a completely new range of spades, spades and forks: the GARDENA TerralineTM tool range.
  • In addition, GARDENA brings order to the garden thanks to two new leaf blowers: one on battery and one electric leaf blower and piston. With this, GARDENA focuses on the heavy work. From now on, it will be featherlight.
  • GARDENA was best known for its Original GARDENA System, now a classic in every garden! Recently, GARDENA expanded this range with an innovative water meter. This is a must for every garden lover. The device measures the amount of water coming from the tap or nozzle. Just genius.
  • Clean up snow and ice. With the GARDENA snow shovel the job is done in such a way, even for large surfaces.
  • Wireless gardening is much easier thanks to the use of battery tools. No more problems with a disturbing cord while mowing or pruning the hedge. The range is unlimited with optimal freedom of movement. There are also benefits for the environment and neighbors: no CO2 emissions and a very low noise level. In addition, the lithium-ion battery is interchangeable between GARDENA tools such as trimmers, hedge trimmers and chain saws. This means that one battery is sufficient for the different tools.

Largest player on the European market

Today, GARDENA is the largest brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe. With offices in more than 80 countries, it plays an important role in appealing to people who regard their garden as a 'living space near nature' and a place for well-being, recreation and pleasure.