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Fuse machine
Resistance test / diode test
Give resistance
Power and energy measurement
Speed measurement
Thermo element type U
Thermo-element type T
Thermo element type S
Thermo element type R
Type N thermal element
Thermo element type L
Thermo element type K
Thermo-element type J
Thermo element type E
Thermo-element type B
RTD Pt1000 thermo-element
RTD Pt100 thermal element
RTD Ni1000 thermo-element
RTD Ni100 thermal element
RTD thermal element
Temperature measurement TC
RTD temperature measurement
Temperature measurement
Current drop (transmitter simulator) 0 Ma ... 24 Ma
Providing power 0 Ma ... 24 Ma
Voltage supply 0 V ... 3 V
Voltage supply 0 V ... 15 V
Giving voltage 0 V ... 10 v
Giving voltage 0 V ... +/- 300 Mv
Giving voltage 0 Mv ... 100 mv
Efficiency measurement (TRMS)
Relative value measurement
Peak value memory
Nom. test voltage 500 V
Nom. test voltage 50 V
Nom. test voltage 250 V
Nom. test voltage 1000 V
Nom. test voltage 100 V
Nom. test voltage 10 V
Momentary value memory (Data Hold)
Minimum value memory
Milliohm measurement with 4-wire technology (Kelvin connection)
Duty cycle measurements
Temperature difference measurement
With decibel measurement (dB)
Measurement value memory
Measuring circuit category
Measuring range selection
Multiple indication
Maximum value memory
Max resistance measurement range
Max temperature measurement range
Max current measuring range DC
Max current measuring range AC
Max voltage range DC
Max voltage range AC
Max voltage measuring circuit category
Max frequency measurement range
Max capacity measurement range
Lowest resolution current drop
Give lowest resolution current
Smallest resolution alternating current
Smallest resolution alternating voltage
Smallest resolution resistance
Smallest resolution temperature
Smallest resolution direct current
Smallest resolution direct voltage
Smallest resolution frequency
Smallest resolution Capacity
Calibration function
Cable symmetry test for 2-wire connections ABE
Cable length measurement
IR interface
Infrared measurement
Inductance measurement
Incline and stair function
Harmonic analysis / power quality
Measuring and giving simultaneously
Guide value measurement
Frequency measurement
Give frequency and Impulse groups
Explosion-tested implementation
Pressure measurement
Continuity test
Capacity measurement
Bluetooth interface
Analog bar indication analog / logarithmic
Analog bar display
Number of channels
Measuring range
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