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If you ask any garden professional what brand of pruning shears he uses, the answer will invariably be Felco. Often imitated but never improved, Felco pruners remain the number 1 tool for gardeners.

Continuous innovation

The first Felco pruning shears saw the light of day 75 years ago. Since then, the Swiss manufacturer has kept ahead of the competition with ever-new inventions, which are mainly aimed at increasing ease of use. ERGONOMICS is written in capital letters at Felco. The brand is considerate enough to equip pruning shears with a pad. Another much-imitated innovation is the multi-roll handle, which reduces the force required to cut a branch by 30%.

Felco at Klium

In addition to pruning shears and loppers, Felco also makes other products, including saws and pocket knives. At Klium, we carry a small range of the most sought-after Felco tools. Including the absolute topper: the Felco pruners. More than a million of these are sold every year worldwide!