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  • Brand FACOM
  • Reference FACOM 39.5/8
  • Ean 3148510999241
  • Guarantee Facom warranty

    FACOM Warranty

    The FACOM warranty is a well-known concept in the market. We at Klium know like no other that FACOM stands for serious quality. Independent from the legal warranty, FACOM has three extra warranty options. The following warranty codes are applied:

    • Warranty code E: Without time limit, in accordance with the conditions described below, the product will be replaced at no cost.
    • Warranty code R: Without time limit, in accordance with the conditions described below, the product will be repaired or replaced by an equivalent refurnished repair.
    • Warranty Code D: This warranty is temporary. The duration of the warranty is shown by a digit after the letter D (D1:1 year; D2:2 years; D3:3 years; D5:5 years). This warranty is mainly intended for technical products and machines. In accordance with the warranty conditions (exclusion of products intended for consumption), this warranty covers, during its validity period, the repair and replacement of defective parts.
    • If the product does not have a warranty code, the usual legal warranty applies.

    Warranty Conditions FACOM

    If nothing else is specified, the FACOM warranty applies to all tools used under normal circumstances. From the FACOM warranty are excluded:

    • Products intended for consumption (products that are damaged or worn when used). These include drills, saw blades, grinding discs, files, blades, batteries, etc.
    • Defects due to changes or repairs not carried out by the FACOM repair service.
    • Defects due to normal wear, improper use, carelessness or poor maintenance.
    • Defects resulting from external impact. (Fire, flood, lightning, etc.)

    At the time of purchase, the warranty period starts. A copy of the purchase document may be required for certain warranty work. For technical products with a time-limited warranty Type D, the purchase document must always be enclosed including the serial number.

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    I have a problem with my Facom tool, what should I do now?

    That's easy. contact our customer service. Be sure to email us the original purchase document and the warranty certificate. We will contact you and provide a solution as soon as possible.

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Product description
  • Short ring spanners: very easy to handle due to the short handle and the compact head. Ideal for hard-to-reach places
  • 12-side ring with OGV profile for a powerful torque without damaging the nut. Suffix H = 6-side ring
  • Ring head bent 15 °
  • Fork head bent 15 °
  • Inch sizes: from 1/8 "to 11/16"
  • Design: chrome-plated, satined
  • ASME B107.100


6-sided - 12-sided mm 12
a " 8-May
bx b1 mm 34 4 x 23 6
c1 mm 9 6
e mm 6 7
e1 mm 9 6
g 90
l mm 158