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Emma Safety Footwear at Klium

At Klium, there is a wide range of Emma Safety footwear available. When ordinary shoes are not sufficient for the job, there is always a pair of Emma shoes that is. We deliver work shoes with high and low profiles, different width, and various type of safety shoes and boots. Choose your ideal work shoes from vast our stock by browsing through the distinct specifications. You can opt for many sole types with different types of density grips suited for a wide range of various types of surface. Have a look at some of our diverse specifications:

  • Safety class: S3, S2, S1, S1P
  • Different Soles & Midsoles
  • Inner lining
  • Material
  • ColourĀ 

You can also order stylish Emma Safety footwear from our stock suited for business occasions. This luxury shoe is hand-cut and hand-stitched for a classy experience in a safe way.

About Emma Safety Footwear

The Dutch shoe factory Emma was started back in 1931. Established by the Dutch government, it provided support and employment to injured miners. From the very beginning, the focus was on safety shoes to be used by the miners. After the closure of the mines, Emma started to focus on the production of safety footwear in general. Evidently, safety has always been a top priority ever since the start of the company. It bases production on the SCC principle: Safety, Comfort and Circularity. All products must be 100% safe, 100% comfortable and 100% circular. Durable shoes which are 100% safe, who would not be a fan? Emma also keeps the environment and working conditions for their safety footwear in mind while offering protection to your feet.