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Dupont protective clothing at Klium

You can find many sought-after Dupont products such as the Dupont Tyvek 500 single-use sleeve at Klium. This 50 cm long white sleeve with an adjustable arm opening provides better protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. The sleeve is made of high-density spun polyethylene with stitched internal seams and provides an ideal balance between protection, durability and comfort and is permeable to both air and water vapour. It is resistant to water-based liquids and mists but also offers protection against fine particles and fibres. It is remarkably suitable for pharmaceutical treatments, chemical protection, lead and asbestos control and remediation or simply for general maintenance, spraying and general cleaning.

About Dupont

Dupont (officially du Pont de Nemours and Company) is an American company with over 200 years of experience. The main business activity is the development and production of chemicals and, along with this, Dupont also develops protective clothing. Due to their experience in the chemical sector, they create high-quality clothing that protects from hazardous and harmful substances. The core values at the heart of their production and development are safety, health, respect for people, the highest ethical behaviour and protection of the planet.