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DUO-FAST: Fasteners and tools for professional use in construction

DUO-FAST is the global brand that stands for fasteners and tools that were developed for professional use in the construction industry. These tools include tackers and staplers with compressed air, manual staplers, tackers and a wide range of original fasteners that are suitable for the current and somewhat older DUO-FAST tools.

Innovative tools and materials

Fasteners and tools from the DUO-FAST brand are world renowned because the brand focuses on innovation, which always means added value. DUO-FAST engineers continually develop hypermodern tools to make manufacturing easier and more efficient. This results in a stronger finished product, without defects. The DUO-FAST brand aims to offer the best tools and to constantly improve this.

Good reputation thanks to the brilliant quality

The reputation of the products that manufacturers deliver depends on the quality of the fastening tools and materials. When using DUO-FAST brand material, the fastenings will persist under all circumstances over time. DUO-FAST therefore increasingly designs tools and materials to meet all the manufacturing requirements, however demanding it may be. Even for the toughest manufacturing operations, DUO-FAST has powerful, durable and reliable tools specially designed for heavy industrial use. DUO-FAST connections are tight and safe because the DUO-FAST brand:

  • is made of galvanized stainless steel to best realize specific applications.
  • is optimized to increase the performance of DUO-FAST tools
  • available in different lengths, thicknesses and point shapes. This is to maximize the fixation in all types of material.
  • designed for unrivaled holding power and for smooth and easy insertion into the most difficult surfaces without slackening, bending or breaking.
  • The DUO-FAST compact, ergonomic and light tools ensure fast and constant attachment.


Material from DUO-FAST is exceptional for:

  • Floor fastening systems: professional floor installers often use the DUO-FAST brand tools when laying floor coverings, mats and underlayers.
  • Industrial applications: these require powerful, sturdy, durable and reliable tools and fasteners and DUO-FAST is the brand chosen because of the high quality of tools and fasteners for milling, home furnishings, packaging, stacking, etc.
  • Roofing, underlayment and fa├žade cladding: DUO-FAST is ideal for powerful outdoor fasteners.
  • Timber construction: DUO-FAST makes innovative, high-quality and professional fastening systems for lattice applications in residential construction. The product range includes pneumatic lattice nails, tools that use powder and a lot of fastening material designed to increase productivity and achieve excellent results.