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Dunlop Boots at Klium

At Klium, we offer you a wide range of Dunlop Boots. The protective footwear of Dunlop Boots guarantees comfort and protection and are suitable for recreational and professional use. They are among the best wellington safety boots on the market. In our online assortment, we have various models of boots suited for different circumstances. The traditional Purofort boots are the best-known. A pair of Purofort boots offer plenty of protection and are suitable for various surfaces. The thermal insulation ensures warm feet up to -20° C, while the lightweight and shock absorption provide increased comfort. When looking for boots for even colder temperatures, you can consider the Purofort Thermo+; these boots have extra thermal insulation that provides comfort up to temperatures of -50°C. For warm temperatures, we can offer you the Purofirt S5 boots. All Purofort boots are made of polyurethane.

We also offer Protomasters and Acifort boots. Both boots have an extra anti-slip coating which makes them oil resistant. In addition to the steel tip, the Protomaster also has a steel midsole for extra safety. Both models are made of PVC. View the product specifications for more information about all our models.

About Dunlop Protective Footwear

Dunlop has over 100 years of experience in the production of comfortable and protective boots. It manufactures high-quality waterproof boots for various industries. Each job requires different footwear and, Dunlop develops boots with the circumstances of every sector in mind. Whether you work in agriculture, fishing, construction, food processing, oil gas or mining, Dunlop has boots that fit your job and offer you comfort and protection.