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Deb Stoko

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Deb Stoko hygiene and skincare products at Klium

Klium offers a wide choice of Deb Stoko products for professional skin protection and hand hygiene at work. At Klium, you will find various types of soap and disinfectants next to skincare products such as hand creams and skin lotions. All Deb Stoko products are created to minimise skin irritations caused by industrial dirt such as oil, chemicals, and other contaminants and gently remove dirt without damaging the skin. The lotions and hand cream take care of the skin to minimise the risk of subsequent irritation. Have a look at our range of dispensers also.

About Deb Stoko

Deb Stoko is part of the SC Johnson Professional group, a privately owned family business and one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning products. Prior to the acquisition, Deb Stoko was the result of a merger of companies with a focus on skincare and hygiene. The combined experience of Deb Stoko and SC Johnson Professional ensures quality, safety, and innovation in the production of soap and other cleaning products. Its product line includes hand creams that minimise irritation, cleaning products, with different specifications to protect you against various types of harmful substances and caring skin lotions. All these products have been developed for professional use. Deb Stoko focuses on the creation of specific skin protection products adapted to demanding and stressful work environments.