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CRC industries: Chemical solutions to keep moving constantly

CRC is a supplier of chemical products that play the market worldwide. It produces and distributes a full range of specialty chemical products including lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, anti-corrosion agents, paints, maintenance products and other resources for specific applications in the electronics and automotive sectors and industry in general. CRC supplies products worldwide in many sectors of the industry:

  • In the automotive industry CRC offers a wide range of special chemicals for parts such as: brakes, electrical systems, oil systems, engines, coolers, transmissions and drives. It also supplies lubricants, degreasers, polishes and anti-corrosion products.
  • In the heavy machinery and shipping sector, there are many extraordinary products on the market: oil additives, special oils, leak seals, functional liquids, etc.
  • The following products are recommended for tools and equipment: dust removers, corrosion protection for small machines, contact improvers for professional electrical applications, neutralizer of rust and converter in a tough primer.


The task of CRC Industries is to meet the needs of the maintenance and repair industry. By meeting customer needs, CRC is regarded as an industry leader and achieves a high level of return and growth which always places them at the top in terms of competitiveness.

Quality policy

CRC Industries constantly wants to improve the value of the products and the service. Their goal is to deliver quality products that meet or exceed the customer's requirements by treating customers, suppliers and employees in an accurate and fair manner.

The Quality Goals

  • Maximize customer satisfaction by offering innovative products and excellent service
  • Ensure cost / effectiveness by increasing production and reducing waste.
  • Maintain systems that meet statutory and legal requirements.
  • Monitor and control product and process characteristics to see if the requirements are met.
  • Constantly focus on quality.

Their production location is ISO 9001 certified. By following strict guidelines in all aspects of research, development and production, CRC guarantees high-quality products. In addition, the brand complies with the strictest environmental and safety standards.