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The ContiTech Group is mainly known for its drive belts and shock absorbers. The Continental brand is best known to the general public for its car tires, in addition to other rubber products and drive belts. ContiTech's high-technology products and systems are an important support for the building sector, automotive industry, machine building, railway construction, mining, petrochemical industry, aviation, energy sector, graphic arts, etc.

Superior qualities, quality and constantly evolving

The Continental / ContiTech products are flexible and thermally stable, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable, making them versatile. The ability to offer the right solution for every problem is being developed further and further. The expertise of relevant technologies is used to tackle innovative developments and adjustments dynamically, original and refreshingly. Drive belts ensure transmission in engines that are getting stronger and stronger. Resilient suspension systems in all kinds of vehicles ensure a more pleasant ride. While all types of liquids in engines and machine tools flow through ContiTech pipes. The vehicle of the future is characterized by its agility and was developed with innovative concepts for suspension, fluid technology, gear and equipment from ContiTech.

Innovative technological knowledge in the rubber and plastics sector

ContiTech is a primus in technological know-how in the rubber and plastic sector. ContiTech also develops, innovates and manufactures usable components, elements and techniques for the automotive sector, assembly, mechanical engineering, mining, railway, aviation, graphic techniques and other important markets. For a smooth suspension, seal, drive mechanism, damping and suspension mechanism, conveyor belts, coupling and diaphrams, ContiTech offers the ideal solution to the problems encountered in the various industrial sectors. For this it appeals to the expertise it has in house.


ContiTech AG wants to be present worldwide with its products, its extensive network of distributors and service and sales centers. Here the traditional and traditional markets are not neglected. This guarantees a smooth and dynamic service. That is why the Belgian market can fully benefit from the technical know-how and services provided by ContiTech AG. The unlimited possibilities of a technological top product such as rubber are a source of inspiration for customers for their practical use.

Credible industrial business partner

The ContiTech Group is an independent part of Continental AG with various specialized product groups. The Continental-Caoutchouc-und Gutta-Percha Company, ie Continental, was founded in Hanover in 1871 and later expanded to the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group. ContiTech is decentralized and consists of several independent units, has the necessary expertise in terms of development and material knowledge and is a credible industrial business partner. With dozens of factories and an extensive network, Contitech AG is present worldwide and therefore also an ideal partner with a dynamic drive in an industrial world that is constantly evolving.