Klium is now ISO 9001:2015 certified!

Quality and care in the things we promise and actually do - and of course your satisfaction - are the central pillars of our webshop. That's what we and our entire team are 100% committed to every day. And our efforts often lead to nice customer reviews. Occasionally we even get an award from an (inter)national e-commerce organization. That's all very fun! But quality and customer satisfaction do not come out of nowhere. They are the result of constant work by all the people involved in our webshop. To really solidify that natural inclination for improvement into the core of our organisation, we had it subjected to a test and screening...

ISO what?

Klium was audited by an independent party with the aim of obtaining a NBN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This certificate is about improving customer focus and satisfaction. This internationally accepted standard shows that an organization meets the established quality requirements and continuously works to improve them. The ISO certificate is only awarded to companies that can demonstrate that they systematically monitor and continuously improve their procedures and processes, thereby focusing on customer satisfaction.

The BCC (Belgian Centre for Certification) recently conducted an extensive audit and rewarded Klium for its efforts in the field of quality management with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This ISO certification really is a new milestone for Klium! It strengthens our conviction that quality and satisfaction are a continuous process. And it also gives you the guarantee that we are committed to continue to work so we can maintain this high standard. The ISO certificate is valid for three years and runs until 2025.


No fake news, but facts. Are you curious to see the certificates?  Or are you a business client of ours (with ISO procedures)? Then feel free to download them below. 

ISO Certificate EN