Winnaars SafeShops Awards 2019

Klium, Torfs, Neckermann
& Sobaggy big winners of the SafeShops Awards 2019

On Thursday 4 April 2019 the third edition of the SafeShops Awards was held. Sixteen Belgian webshops were presented with an Award. - the Belgian association for the e-commerce sector - called upon the experiences of over 4.000 online shopping consumers to award the prizes.

Diamond Award Winner

Belgian webshops that excelled in all categories - Customer Friendliness, Payment Hero, Brilliant Concept & Logistic Champion - would be taking home the Diamond Award. There were 3 winners chosen: one small, one medium and one larger webshop. This categorization was made based on revenue size and the webshop's name recognition with a wider audience.

Thanks to its customers, Klium was able to take home the Diamond Award category medium.

We are of course very proud of this achievement! That is why we want to give special thanks to our amazing customers and employees. Receiving this honor motivates us to continue to provide the best experience & service to our customers. This year you may expect even more innovations and improvements from us. New products and brands, better information, more selection choices for deliveries and more employees for our customer services to guarantee you our quality support.

Thank you for your support and see you again soon!

SafeShops Diamond Award winnaar