Klium strengthens confidence thanks to Thuiswinkel Warranty!

Klium is an official carrier of the Thuiswinkel Warranty label.

Thuiswinkel Warranty is the quality mark for buying products and services via the Internet. At present, there are more than 2,100 certified web stores that have the Thuiswinkel Warranty. The label is supported by the Consumer Association. Thuiswinkel.org exists since 2001.

Since 2009, all the members of Thuiswinkel.org, the association of web retailers, have obtained the Home Shopping Guarantee after completing an extensive certification trajectory. As a consumer, you can rely on web shops that carry the Thuiswinkel Warranty logo to maintain a number of important criteria in terms of financial stability, security, legislation and regulation and the rules of conduct of Thuiswinkels.org.

All members are recertified yearly. The Thuiswinkel quality labels allow web shops to show their consumers that they offer a reliable and safe way of online shopping. And, of course, Klium is happy and willing to cooperate on this.

Klium is also a member of Thuiswinkel Warranty and has obtained a quality label. Click on their logo to check this at the official Thuiswinkel Warranty site. Below, you can see our Official Thuiswinkel Warranty Certificate:

Thuiswinkel waarborg Klium