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The Klium Christmas spirit is here again!

It's almost Christmas! That means, time to bring the Klium Christmas spirit in your home. 

With our selection of lighting this will be no problem at all. Christmas gifts should certainly not be missing! Take a look at our selection below.

Who is not happy with a nice warm jumper under the Christmas tree? Or maybe you have a powertool lover in the family? And, of course, you can find a range of gift vouchers in our collection!


Check out our Christmas range now!


A handy Christmas gift for a handyman

Christmas is coming up again and you are looking for a nice gift for your handyman, handy Harry or enterprising friend? Research has shown that more than a third of men like to receive tools as gifts. You probably already know exactly with which gift you will surprise him or her this Christmas. But, if you do not know, we have put together a special Christmas selection for you. With a gift for every budget.

Powertools, hand tools, safety clothes and other beautiful tools for Christmas

The very complete tools are from top brands and easy to use for both novice handymen and professionals. Powerful machines and smart tools make the jobs a lot lighter and more fun. Buy Klium professional tools that you can really rely on.

Klium tools as an ideal Christmas gift

Our Christmas selection contains gifts in all categories, so that there is something for everyone. Moreover, these gifts are always good: everyone who regularly does it will be happy with it. We have chosen articles for you for every budget, so you decide what you spend.

Moreover, all products are in stock, which means that they are delivered from the next day.

Most men of course already have a garage full of tools, tools and machines. Do not you know exactly what your husband already has? Then check yourself in advance if he is out of the house, what is missing or worn out. Do you still have questions? You can reach us via the Live chat , telephone (03 74 000 41) or via [email protected]