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  • 3M

    In 1902 five business men from Two Harbors, Minnesota (USA) set up the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, or 3M. The company first makes abrasives and later also adhesive tape and cellophane foil.

    3M stands for innovation from its inception and a century later the extensive range of 3M products is no longer to be forgotten from our daily lives. We all use Post-its at the office and Scotch adhesive tape for DIY jobs. When we watch TV, call a cell phone, print out information, brush our house or even go to the dentist, we do not realize that 3M products make our lives easier.

    3M continues to diversify and today delivers products and services in the following sectors: Signalisation, graphic and optical communication; electronics, electricity and telecommunications; healthcare; safety, security and protection; transport industry; production and industry; office; home and leisure.

    3M Belgium produces the most diverse products for the European market in Zwijndrecht and the 3M sales office is located in Diegem.


    Ansell Healthcare, an Australian company with European headquarters in Brussels, is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of protective gloves for the industry in the world.

    The Ansell Healthcare product range includes coated and knitted gloves for industrial applications in the automotive, metal, electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and in agriculture.

    The Ansell Healthcare gloves protect the workers from injuries, chemicals, extreme temperatures and other occupational hazards. In the food industry they protect the products themselves and in applications in the pharmaceutical industry they protect the smear-free working conditions.

    Ansell Healthcare wants to cooperate with its products and services on the use of the right gloves for the right task and hopes to help reduce the number of occupational accidents and the associated costs.

    The most successful Ansell Healthcare products are HyFlex, Vantage, Sol-Vex and Neo-Touch.


    The story of Bahco began in 1886 when Johan Petter Johansson founded Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad in Sweden. Johansson was an intelligent and creative craftsman and in 1888 he applied for the first patent for his 'Iron Hand' that we know today as the pipe wrench. Johansson wanted to develop a tool that, like a human hand, could hold nuts and bolts in different sizes.

    Johansson collected 118 patents in his life and that innovative product development is still one of the strong characteristics of Bahco.

    In 1890 Berndt August Hjorth bought the rights to the products of Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad. Under his leadership, the company became more than a successful Swedish export product and laid the foundation for the international image of Bahco. He combined international products with local market knowledge and gave users the chance to find the right tools anywhere in the world. In 1916 the company officially became part of BA Hjorth & Co. and the name was abbreviated to Bahco, a name that today stands for innovation, ergonomic design and high work performance.

    Bahco is still an international leader in hand tools today and the brand is the flagship product of SNA Europe.


    Bollé Safety has been one of the world leaders in the field of eye protection for sports and safety since 1888. The Bollé brand is synonymous with quality, modern production facilities, a strong presence on the international market and sustainability.

    Bollé Safety sells 5 million safety glasses per year and the extensive product range meets the European safety standards for all market segments: industry, construction, public works, aircraft construction and the army.

    Bollé Safety is constantly innovating its products by offering targeted technological and ergonomic solutions for all potential risks in the work environment.

    The importance of Bollé Safety innovation is evident in the innovative solutions and the superior level of protection that the company has already achieved. Bollé Safety, for example, was the first French company to use the contrast technology to offer an alternative to clear lenses. Protection from laser radiation and safety glasses with integrated corrective lenses is also part of Bollé Safety's expertise.


    Robert Bosch founded the 'Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering' in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886. That was the start of the company that is known worldwide today as Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch for short.

    The consumer mainly knows Bosch for its enormous range of hand tools, but today the international Bosch Group is one of the largest industrial companies in the world. The Group is active in the development, production and sales of automotive materials, automation technology, packaging machines, power tools, heating technology, household appliances and security technology. Bosch is the largest supplier to the automotive industry, with technological highlights such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) as the most important achievements.

    Bosch's story has been about innovation from the start, and that is still the case: Bosch brings more than 100 new tools and tools to the market every year.

    Anyone who buys Bosch knows that he owns a high-quality product that has been manufactured according to the latest technological delights and meets all safety standards.


    Since its foundation in 1914, BRADY has become the world leader in identification and security solutions, printers, self-adhesive products (labels, signs, qualitative tapes), ...

    Once you have worked with BRADY, you will notice that the name sticks, just like her labels. Because BRADY is the specialist in the field of labeling and identification (labels, pictograms, label printers, ...). And that not only in Europe, but worldwide.

    Brady's products and services (from qualitative labels to software, label printers and data collection systems) provide customers with greater safety and productivity.

    Brady attaches great importance to sustainability. These products withstand wind and weather and industrial conditions, in short: worth an investment.