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Wouter Sieuwerts: doing what you’re good at

In search of the beautiful things made with our tools, we continue to be amazed at the creativity and craftsmanship of our customers. Take, for example, Wouter Sieuwerts, an artist who leads his team of four employees and converts dreams and wishes into products.

‘Let’s go do fun things!’ is one of the sparse texts on the Wouter Sieuwerts Product design website — a sentence indicative of the playfulness that characterizes the company.

Wouter Sieuwerts Product design has been around since 2009 when Wouter started his own business after his studies at the art academy. When asked about his company’s speciality, he says: ‘We are very good at converting a story or a wish into a product, a total product, inventing something that someone else cannot think of.’

Play objects for children’s dreams

play objects for nursery

To put his vision into perspective, Wouter cites a project he and his team are currently working on creating a daycare centre that mainly focuses on play objects. “It’s nice to turn a childhood dream into something tangible — into a product.”

You could call Wouter Sieuwerts’ motivation: to think of something that no one else can imagine. He says about this: ‘Do what you are very good at. If someone else can do it better, it’s better to leave it to that other person’ — advice that we think is appropriate for every professional, in whatever product or type of service they specialize in.

workshop Wouter Sieuwerts Product design
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