Woodgoed, passion for wooden furniture

Today in our series about the special clients of Klium, attention for Wim Blansjaar, a versatile entrepreneur with a passion for wood.

Wim Blansjaar from Zoetermeer, South Holland, carries out several business activities, but his great passion is furniture making. It all started with a bookshelf-making course. Although Blansjaar never got around to making any bookshelves, he discovered his passion for wood by constructing a beautiful new table at home.

Interior design for the hospitality industry

When Wim Blansjaar was a hospitality entrepreneur, he designed the layout of his premises himself, and a lot of wood was always involved. He comments on this saying: “I watched with admiration the craftsmen who made my ideas come to life. Nothing was too crazy. This is where my passion for wood originated. Often into the night, I was discussing with these professionals how they could bring my ideas to life.”

cafe interior

After the sale of his companies, Wim took courses and developed himself into a hobby furniture maker. Woodgoed boasts his diverse and impressive portfolio of completed projects, both for companies and private clients.

No assignment too crazy

“Nothing is too crazy for me, but if I can’t make it, I will tell you honestly. I’m not going to work beyond my control, “says Wim Blansjaar. That defines how he stands in his work. As a hobby furniture maker, he does not have to make a living from it. “As long as the costs are covered. I put everything I earn back into equipment, tools, and courses to make the product even better. “

Concerning the tools, Wim Blansjaar has a preference for Festool. He works with a:

  • Festool 80 tks circular saw
  • Festool kapex crosscut saw
  • Festool domino df 500 q set
  • Festool rotex ro 150 feq-plus random orbital sander
Wim Blansjaar in his workshop

How ideas come to life

Just as Wim Blansjaar endlessly discussed ideas with professionals during his hospitality days, he now works in unity with his clients. The customer’s wishes come first, and to clarify those wishes for both parties, a long preliminary process is sometimes required. “I first try to simplify complex projects into parts. This will give you more insight into how to make it. You can then put the parts back together later.” That is how Wim Blansjaar not only describes his working method but also articulates a universal truth.

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