Watering your the garden

The garden season is approaching again, and we hope with all garden owners that it will be a bright summer. A summer in which we can enjoy the great outdoors every day. We are happy to accept that we need to spray more often. Here you will find professional tips to water your garden.

Watering tips for plants

flowering lavender in garden
  • It is best to water garden plants early in the evening. If you spray with bright sun, the drops work like a lens and the plants can burn.
  • How often you water depends of course on the weather and the type of plants. Twice a week is a general guideline. Spraying every day is not recommended, it is better to give your garden a good amount of water less often. This stimulates the plants to make longer roots.
  • Some plants need a lot of water and others hardly any. For example, you should not water lavender at all, while hydrangea is a particularly thirsty plant. You can take this into account when designing your garden by planting plants with a large water requirement in shady areas.

Tips for watering the lawn

  • At temperatures above 20 ° you will have to spray the lawn two or three times a week. The first symptoms of drought quickly appear during warm periods. The grass becomes duller and loses resilience. After a few days without water, it starts to turn yellow.
  • You can hardly ever give an existing lawn too much water, but you can spray it too often. It is better to put the sprayer on once for two hours than four times for half an hour.
  • It is important that you spray immediately after you have fertilized a lawn. The aggressive fertilizers must be dissolved before the sun shines on it.
  • Unlike an existing lawn, a newly sown lawn and a newly laid turf lawn require a little water every day for the first few weeks.

The equipment

• Outside tap. An outdoor faucet is the first thing you need to water your garden without having to drag water back and forth. In this blog article you can read how to install an outside tap.

Gardena hose trolley

• Garden hose. Garden hoses come in all sizes and qualities. Especially when you have a large garden, a strong, armed hose is a wise choice. Inexpensive hoses wear out quickly if they are pulled a lot over the ground, and moreover you will suffer from kinks.

• Accessories for the garden hose. Couplings to click the hose on the tap in one movement, regulating valves, spray guns, spray nozzles … there are many accessories that make life easier for the garden owner. Look here for the extensive collection of the quality brand Gardena.

child plays with garden sprinkler

• Garden hose reels. A reel is ideal for easily storing and unrolling a garden hose. You can choose from various options, such as a wall hose holder, a garden hose roll or, especially for large gardens, a hose trolley.

• Spraying systems. Sprayers and sprinklers are also available in numerous designs. From a simple swivel sprayer that you move yourself to computer-controlled spray systems. A sprinkler system is useful for large lawns.

Watering environmentally friendly

On average, garden owners use around 2,000 liters of water per year for their garden. And it is actually a shame that we use purified drinking water from the water supply for this, while rainwater is just as good, and free of charge.

The easiest and cheapest way to use rainwater is a rain barrel. There are plastic and wooden rain barrels for sale that you can easily connect yourself to a rain pipe.

woman holds watering can under rain barrel

Another option is a submersible pump, with which you pump water from a rainwater tank, well or nearby ditch.

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