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Vakwerk is craftsmanship with a capital C

Vakwerk Totaalrenovaties is a construction company that converts pure joinery into custom work in a cost and time-efficient manner. How do they approach this? In conversation with Jan Veirman of Vakwerk Totaalrenovaties, we discover the strength of this construction company.

“What we are known for is a creative sense of challenge. Thinking about how it can be done and achieving a unique result through a positive approach to what others might consider ‘problems’.” After speaking to Jan Veirman of Vakwerk Totaalrenovaties, their core values became apparent.

Realizing dreams — that’s craftsmanship

realizing dreams

Jan himself sums it up in fine words: ‘By combining experience in all facets of the building industry, we can anticipate and respond to inevitable difficulties in our joinery work. In this way, technically based expert knowledge contributes to our creative approach. Anyone can think of something that doesn’t work, but making dreams come true is what we do.’ The proud manager outlines how his one-man business rapidly grew into a company equipped with a workshop and 3 vans on the road.

Working regionally for the same goal

fine joinery

Working together with his own ‘local’ staff towards one and the same goal: pure joinery. The passion for joinery is discussed frequently during our conversation, and a glance at the website reveals that Vakwerk Totaalrenovaties has more than mastered the fine craft of carpentry. One project appeals even more to the imagination than the other, and the diversity highlights the scale of their renovations. The passion radiates from them, and that is exactly what they are most proud of: ‘A project with a heart, a company you want to be part of, that’s what we want to convey.’

A stielman with the right tools

Advertising banner for Vakwerk Totaalrenovaties

‘Word of mouth is the best advertisement,’ is how Vakwerk Totaalrenovaties describes the power of delivering quality joinery. As a family and local company, they consciously choose a personal and accessible approach for quality. It is true that ‘a craftsman can work with few resources, certainly true, and a machine does not make a stielman, but a stielman with the right tools and machines always switches a step up’. That is how Jan skillfully puts the development of Vakwerkt Totaalrenovaties into words.

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