Tool storage systems, from simple to hi-tech

Tool storage systems allow you to always maintain a tidy workshop or hobby room and never struggle to find tools for odd jobs, especially when you just need that one spanner or that one plug. Professional storage systems come in many different versions, both for the workshop and to take with you on a job. Here we look at some possibilities that are also interesting for DIYers.

Everything on the wall

tool wall

Space-saving and well-arranged, a hanging system with wallboards and hooks is a simple solution for any hobby room. It is the ideal way to give your tools a permanent place. Professional versions of such a wall system provide special hooks for wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers and other hand tools, but also holders for electrical and pneumatic tools.

Everything in the bag

tool bag with wheels

tool bag is a simple and inexpensive mobile storage system. For most jobs, it is more than enough to take everything you need with you. Tool bags come in all shapes and sizes: with wheels, shaped like a backpack and even with a fold-out seat for sitting or resting.

Everything around your body

The pinnacle of mobility is to carry your tools in a tool belt or tool vest. You can utilize your tools comfortably on the ladder, and you have your hands free. Belts and vests from professional brands are equipped with a large number of compartments for carrying hand tools and materials. And, you don’t have to worry about the price tags because, for less than 50 euros, you have a wide choice of professional versions that will last a job life.

 tool vest
tool belt

Everything organized

Stanley Fatmax organizer

An organizer is a storage system for screws, plugs and all other small materials and parts. Professional versions such as the Stanley Fatmax organizer have removable trays and a handle. If you need a lot of materials for a job, you can stack and lock multiple organizers so that you can easily transport them.

Everything on wheels

modular tool trolley

The most professional mobile storage system is a tool trolley. It’s also the most expensive solution, and most do-it-yourselfers will never need such a transportation system. There are several types, the most convenient being modular. That means that you can stack different tool boxes and material bins on a trolley and transport them in one go. You can read more about this system in our blog article Dewalt Toughsystem, mobile, modular and extremely strong. An efficient entry-level model is the Stanley STST1-79231 shown here, on offer at Klium for just under 100 euros.

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