Follow these 4 steps to install a new toilet seat

Have you just moved to a new home and want to replace a broken toilet seat? Follow the four steps below on how to remove, purchase and install a new toilet seat.

Have you just moved to a new home and want to replace a broken toilet seat? Nonetheless, it is definitely advisable to replace the existing toilet seat when you move to a new home. The average person spends about an hour and 42 minutes on the toilet every week, so it is important to make sure that you fasten the seat securely and everything is tidy.

Replacing a toilet seat is a relatively easy DIY project. Follow the easy four steps below, and within half an hour, you will have a new toilet seat installed in your toilet or bathroom.

Removing the toilet seat

Removing the original toilet seat is the hardest part of this job. Installing the new seat usually only takes a few minutes, but removing the existing toilet seat can sometimes be frustrating. The bolts holding the toilet seat are often so corroded that it becomes nearly impossible to loosen the screws and nuts.

old toilet seat

First, check the bottom of the toilet to see if the toilet seat is secured with plastic or metal bolts and nuts. If it is fastened with plastic screws, they will be easy to detach as they naturally cannot rust. If the bolts are metal, you will probably need to use a socket wrench or a regular wrench to loosen them. Loosen the screws by hand or with a wrench, and remove the toilet seat from the toilet.

Tip: If the nuts are very stuck, you will need to use pliers or even a small hacksaw to loosen them.

Toilet seat sizes

Standard toilet sizes exist, but before you go to the DIY store or buy your toilet seat online, you should measure the existing toilet seat. Measuring the toilet seat you already have is the easiest way to find out which new toilet seat you need.

measuring toilet seat

Most toilet seats are about the same size, but there can still be a few centimeters difference. Therefore, measure the distance between the hinges of your toilet first. Also, you should pay attention to the shape of the toilet. For example, is it round or egg-shaped? Measure the width and depth accordingly. If the length and width are not measured correctly, the toilet seat will not rest properly on the toilet base, and it may break or crack over time. Of course, you’d want to avoid that.

Tip: Check if you can find the brand of the toilet or toilet seat. In most cases, brands only have a limited range of sizes.

Buying a toilet seat

Now that you know what size the toilet seat should be, you can choose what material you want it to be. You can choose between toilet seats made of plastic or wooden toilet seats. A toilet seat is usually made of painted wood or plastic. The choice of material depends on what you prefer, and what is most comfortable for you to sit on.

man on toilet

A good option when choosing a toilet seat is to buy a Duroplast toilet seat. Duroplast is a resin plastic reinforced with fibers, either cotton or wool, and it is a very strong material. Like plastic, the material is light, flexible, sturdy, and scratch-resistant. Duroplast toilet seats are virtually unbreakable and a very hygienic choice.

Tip: You can also purchase two toilet seats or be sure to note down the type and size of the toilet seat you bought in case of any eventual replacements. Your future self will thank you when you have to do this task again.

Toilet seat fixing

Once the old toilet seat has been removed, replace it as soon as possible. Remove the new toilet seat from the packaging and place the individual toilet seat parts of the fixing kit on the floor next to the toilet. Fixing a new toilet seat is very easy, and the job will only take a few minutes.

fixing toilet seat

In most cases, the new toilet seat also includes the screws, nuts and bolts, and the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Fitting the toilet seat follows the same process as removing the original toilet seat but in reverse, and it is a lot less complicated. Attach the new fittings by inserting the bolts through the toilet mounting holes and attaching them to the toilet base. It really is that simple!

Tip: Always wear rubber gloves when changing a toilet seat to remain hygienic.

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